Tuesday, February 20, 2007


There are things that you need to make your life easier. You use terms like essential to luxury and necessity to indulgence for the same. While traveling to San Francisco, the in-flight shopping magazine, listed the products for the needs that I could never thought any one could have.
“The foot tent” removes the direct contact between your foot and the bed-covers so that your tossing and turning does not make the covers go off your bed. The magazine advertised for the water aerator for your feline to the alarm when your mails are delivered. There are stairs for your not so tall pets to climb the bed and a wallet to pop the right card. Why can’t someone just place the cards in the wallet in order? And there was no mist mirrors for your bathroom; I simply wipe the mirror with hands to see my image in case of mist. Also there were cushions with the image of your dog breed to be placed on his/her sofa and not to mention the mechanical mouse to keep your cat active.
I feel like a self sufficient adventurer living in the jungle with limited means to manage my life.

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Anonymous said...

I feel it all depends on the culture n geographical region you are born and brought-up, which directs your mind in a way to choose between essential and luxury.In US, pets are treated much better than a human being, so necessities are based on the geographical region than generalized.