Saturday, July 04, 2009

The theory of Life!!

It’s the pep talk, the rationalization of apprehensions, the trivialization of concerns and the normalization of stressed nerves.

Heart tends to break, issues with job & life pop-up every now and then, relationships go sour and decisions are not always easy to take & live with … and this is the time we speak and are spoken to the over-simplified fundas of life.

Some of the commonly said/heard words of wisdom are:
· Tension would not help resolve issues
· Future is not known, past cannot be changed so enjoy the present
· Everything happens for a reason
· Do your best and leave the rest
· Time will resolve everything
· Live each moment to the fullest
· Good things happen to good people

Its like you are standing in chemistry lab with a beaker full of chemical mixture which was supposed to change colors long back, and they still haven’t… and while you are freaking out of your nerves… people are still preaching the disconnected theory of your failed practical.

This affable, over the phone or over the coffee, cost free but heart felt bucket of incoherent advice from friends is still the silver lining to the grey clouds of life.


Raj said...

"Its like you are standing in chemistry lab with a beaker full of chemical mixture which was supposed to change colors long back, and they still haven’t…"

I love it....these things can come out from you only....awesome!!!

sAndY said...

well herez nother.. one i believe in..

"lifez a story.. filled wid moments... Live it!! Feel it!!" :)

Jayanthi said...

Hey, good one - and i have heard a few of these comments from yourself too :) true, those are the silver linings - well written :)

~Alien said...

Very true! We may not realize the value of those words immediately but we do eventually.

Rohit Only Rocks said...

Good One.. I agree advise is the only free commodity in this world..But some things which donot make sense at times do come out nicely in future.. Life is interesting .. enjoy it to fullest!! All the best Priti..

Amit Aneja said...

Thanks for lovely post. I badly need some advise or you can say motivation bcause of tensions between my new relationship. Today only you shared this blog post that itself says" Everything happens for reason". I hope that was destined that I should read this post! will talk to you soon!

Sneha said...

the oversimplified fundas of life...! at times seem the most complicated to follow :)

Good writing.

Mahesh said...

someone has really pissed you off with junk advice... damn... i learnt one thing today - never advice anyone - people go and thrash you in their blogs...

Priti said...

He he he.. no Mahesh I am not angry with anyone for giving me advice.. but I am little baffled with the concept that the words I speak to the my friends, like Jayanthi mentioned have to be explicitly told to me when I am in trouble.. and that is only because of the difference between the practical and theory of life

Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

jijaji se jhagda hua kya?? hehehehe....

Jokes apart.... If India gets rainfall atleast 30% of the Free Advice I get nowadays, our water problems would dissapear...

great post

Sharad/jyoti said...


I think colours in the beaker won't change because your 'spirit lamp' is dim.

light up your spirit priti


Satish said...

in their search for the silver lining, many a people forget that there is the bright sun shining right behind those clouds! :)

BTW, when are you becoming a fan of my blog and beginning to follow my posts?