Monday, March 26, 2007

Be glad it happened …

Yesterday it rained. The skies were grey and the green leaves sparkled. It was beautiful. The rains washed the landscape, settled the dust and filled the air soothing moisture. And after the rain, the drops continued to hit the ground, from the trees. It seemed that the trees liked the rain so much that they wanted to hold on to the experience, even when it was over.
Why we don’t do this? Why we see only pain when its over…be it marriage, relationships, job or any other experience that could have continued.
Some people describe a broken marriage by saying “two years of my life wasted”. They don’t consider many moments, like when they walked the aisle, when they laughed till their eyes were filled with tears, when they waited for someone and someone waited for them, when they felt needed.
The meaning of life can be found only in moments. These moments are overlooked, when something ends. At times, we try to undo those moments intentionally, removing the gifts and pictures from our sight and not talking about what we shared except complains. We assume this will bring down the pain that we lost something significant, but it just exaggerates the feeling of betrayal and bitterness and make us block some beautiful memories.
When we don’t have an option to get back what we lost, the why not cherish the moments we lived... once ...

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Thirumalesh said...

Can't help Priti.. Some people just don't see the brighter side of life/things. I have met several of such kind. They always crib how some things are going wrong/bad. After growing up say how happy we were as children. Or after marriage say, life before marriage was heaven. I feel we should be happy whereever we are keeping an eye on how to better the situation at the same time.