Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Brain Dump...

How can some one write a single blog, when the voices in her head sounds like … some one have turned on a TV playing 40 different channels at the same time?
This is the synopsis…

Channel 1: Why Indian men in US still stare, at both Indian and American women, when American men don’t?
Channel 2: Why none of the tasty and quick dishes are healthy?
Channel 3: What motivates the Sun to move in the same trajectory everyday?
Channel 4: Any chances that the results of the assembly elections in UP state change its state?
Channel 5: So what if India is out of the world cup, life continues… right?

Channel 6: Why can politicians give better education and opportunities rather then reservations?
Channel 7: If Indians are divided on north-south, religion, caste, state, language… seriously, what is holding us together?
Channel 8: How to improve tolerance to jerks?
Channel 9: How can you justify a war to bring peace?
Channel 10: Why do we think more about the people who don’t think about us?

Channel 11: Why parents can always manage to emotionally blackmail?
Channel 12: Why people want to marry an NRI , as if marriage was not dangerous and unpredictable enough?
Channel 13: Why Indian men think girlfriends and wives are separate materials?
Channel 14: Why all sunsets are so beautiful?
Channel 15: Why Media wants to talk about celebrity weddings, when it’s almost fashionable to keep them out?

Channel 16: Why does it feel good to get a compliment, even when you know for sure you are not looking good?
Channel 17: what will the streets look like when all the oil and gas is over?
Channel 18: how much money should one have, to not to want any more?
Channel 19: why can’t we set a retirement age for politicians and heroes from south Indian movies?
Channel 20: Why getting up early is difficult only on weekdays?

Channel 21: Why an Indian non-masala movie should be critically acclaimed in the world, to get an audience in India?
Channel 22: What does it takes to get a flat tummy and keep it that way for life?
Channel 23: Why should be smoking banned in Indian movies, when it’s the only thing that looks …just looks …stylish?
Channel 24: How can sentenceing few people from the mob, responsible for murder of a man, his son and his son-in-law…after 23 years of the incidence be called justice to his wife and daughter?
Channel 25: Do people really take bath everyday? ..shhhh what wastage of water n soap

Channel 26: How can someone not talk all the time?
Channel 27: How thick is a skin of an Indian politician …literally?
Channel 28: Why people eat meat, when there are so many plants around?
Channel 29: Why is adoption a taboo, when you anyway don’t know what is in your genes and how it will manifest?
Channel 30: Why people don’t respect time?

Channel 31: How come there at least one song penned for all possible moods?
Channel 32: Do we get more upset when India looses in cricket because of the number of ads the cricketers feature in?
Channel 33: You can count on your finger-tips the number of people in this world, how believe “My boss is good” ... :)
Channel 34: If new situations are uncomfortable and old situations boring, where to go?
Channel 35: Why can’t the scientist find the chemical locha behind crushes…so that we can all live easy?...hunh

Channel 36: Why don’t people talk about ‘falling-out-of love’ when its as real as ‘falling-in love’?
Channel 37: Why shouldn’t all the individuals in a mob committing a crime be punished, when they are all participants in injustice, irrespective of the number?
Channel 38: How can you ban sex-education in a country fighting population explosion?
Channel 39: Why proof reading a story not half as much fun as writing one?
Channel 40: Why should everybody eat well because you are getting married?

Channel 41: What will Iraq do when it become the super power?
Channel 42: Why does media discuss cola-war when there are millions around the world with no access to clean water?
Channel 43: Why people don’t acknowledge that coffee and alcohol addiction are equally serious? … I have started borrowing money now…sigh ..

Oops ..43 … bad math haunts you through the life…


+Allu said...
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+Allu said...

Every line looks like a blog in itself!

Anonymous said...

hmm...channels are good! But i expected some more interesting stuff in your blogs,may be i am too greedy reading your earlier blogs.Rather to say, i am addicted to your blogs. I definitely look forward to see something interesting in your next one.It's been a month between your last blog and new one.

Anonymous said...

"Why Indian men in US still stare, at both Indian and American women, when American men don’t?
-- Isn't that being egotistic :-)

I liked the one on Iraq being a superpower...all I know is that I don't want to be George Bush....


Anonymous said...

This one is a really wonderful blog. Good work.