Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Curious Case of Varun Gandhi

In a country where divisions are plentiful, and usually underlined and used by the power seekers; the election times are notorious for the blatant display of the ugly face of unethical people who seek to rule the democratic India.

So why should Varun Gandhi’s idiocy be a reason of such discomfort?

Because the hope that many Indians have had in the youth of the country is damaged. The hope of a nation with leaders and citizen one day will take care of the real issues rather then diverting us took a beating too. The hope that the likes of Sachin Pilot and Omar Abdullah gave us is dented.

A young moron with nothing but a legacy decides he wants to do nothing, try nothing but play the communal card to get the ticket to parliament.

If you look from another perspective, it’s a slap on the face of the seasoned, people dividing politician. It’s like a child who put stethoscope around his neck and thinks this is all what his dad did to become a doctor.

Varun is just a reality check.


Luv Bhatia said...

There are around 125 Lok Sabha MPs having a criminal background in the current government; if 1 more gets added, it will not be a bummer. If this message could ever reach Priyanka Gandhi that the nation’s youth is not looking forward towards her comments towards such disgraceful act but wants to see her lead the nation, it will surely be a check!

~Alien said...

Poor guy is just trying to make his case (full of bucks).

Thirumalesh said...

The point to be noted here is the media scrutiny being given to those mindless words. If it was not publicized so much, it would have been a non issue. But, media only wants sensational stuff. If some thing good happens, it hardly gets this kind of attention.

arvind said...

It's just a assurance that even with campaign like jagoore you got to see the same stinking older faces again n again with same promises but lesser time in life to fulfill them.. You are not eligilble to see either Varun nor Sanjay Dutt, "THEY ARR BAD GUYS".