Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Flaw called Humility …

In life at any given point of time there is something you treasure, something you loathe, the one thing you really long for, something you wish would never change, something you feel is unfair, something you fell blessed about, something you know you have and something you don’t, something you dream for, something you accept and something for which the denial prevails forever…

The ability to sieve the encouraging from the ugly is what is called the positive attitude...

In more cynical words it is also the ability to dodge reality and see what you want to see…

In school, a girl with fizzy hair, in my class got a new haircut and proudly stated how her mom thought she looked like Madhuri Dixit.(Madhuri never had fizzy hair…). I remember the day very well as the same morning my mom refused to add sugar to my milk as she thought I was gaining weight. The two extreme reactions from the two moms left me confused…

Later I met some not so pretty, not so bright and not so accepted people who believed the contrary; these people are laughed at or ignored but the fact is they are actually blissful. We on other hand also demonstrate the same deficit and willingly accept in the hope of sounding smart, but are we?

The hue of life changes with the lens we see it. Then what harm can possibly dawn upon us for not calling a spade, a spade. Any way all of us are loved/hated, appreciated/criticized, detested/celebrated, so there is little difference in both state of mind except that one promises euphoria

If the fool’s paradise, is by definition a paradise then why not try it over the bed of thorns called reality

--From the World’s Best Blogger ;)


sneha said...

The hue of life changes with the lens we see it. a very nice line
but the subsequent sentence is more like an anti thesis to harm in calling a spade, a spade...but the lens does not want to see it as a spade :) again as you state...a state of denial FOREVER....not wanting to change the lens
love this write up.

Pavan said...

so u mean one shud dream but with reality in mind?? anyways i am lifting this sentence from ur post, for my FB status "The hue of life changes with the lens we see it".
Thank u!!

~Alien said...

This is utter humilifakation!

Kiran said...

I am totally confused.. if not so accepted people are blissful, why are they not accepted?? ahh the strange ways of world... :-)

Sharad/jyoti said...

Nice words.Not easy to follow though.

Jayanthi said...

Liked the thought process but took two readings to understand the jist. loved the hues sentence.

Luv Bhatia said...

Reality Bites?

Well your post reminded me of the scene in the movie Rang de basanti - Humara ek paon kal pe hai aur doosra padson pe ... tabhi toh hum aaj pe ***** hain!

Live life as you want to, as I always say.. One Life, one Luv!

ps: Your lens theory reminds me that I need a new lens for my camera.. sigh.. kharchaaaaa!!! :-)


sAndY said...

blog openin funda..


"ability to dodge reality and see what you want to see…"


"fizzy hair" story... hahhaha


de in demand "hue of life changes with the lens we see it.."


"From the World’s Best Blogger ;)"

phew!! finally me gettin me math right :D