Monday, May 28, 2012

Photo Blog: New Mexico

Travelogue from the kid who never read comics, just deciphered the story from the pics .... :)

Beautiful Earthy Architecture. The signature of Santa Fe
Location: Santa Fe, NM

Some amazing imagination, creative execution to materialize ART
Location: Taos, NM 
Performance by Polyphony Marimba. Beautiful Music
Location: Santa Fe, NM
I make Prince in my free time.
Location: Santa Fe, NM
A pic from the "museum of contemporary native arts": Even if i  don't ask what a UFO, bison and Stan Marsh are doing in one canvas, how can i ignore that the painter spilled coffee on the canvas?
Location: Santa Fe, NM
The wall on which superman and batman rest.
Location: Haagen Dazs shop santa fe, NM

Tree of Faith
Location:  Loretto Chapel Santa Fe,NM
Tent Rocks, formed by Volcanic eruptions.
Fact of beauty: doesn't matter how pretty rocks are, trekking them sucks :(
Location: Santa Fe,NM

I work like one, so proud to pose with them.
Location: Santa Fe,NM

When you tell good news, moderately bad news and very bad news to stones, this happen :)
Location: Meteor Crater  Winslow, AZ
Hear this at work every day :)
Location: Meteor Crater  Winslow, AZ

Window to the World
Location: Meteor Crater  Winslow, AZ

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