Friday, February 02, 2007

Just a thought...

We are ordinary, made out of contradictions, illogical predictability and obnoxious sensibility.

We are confident until we meet someone we look up to and want to impress. Because then we forget to be ourselves, we try to say what they want to listen and do what they want us to do. And it almost never works.

We are smart until we come across a new situation. In such situation we think a lot and try to map all the situations that we successfully tackled in past. We think of everything from what people will think if we flounder to the unwanted recap of the most embarrassing failure and the most adoring success. So we almost always focus on what we shouldn’t.

We are intelligent and worldly wise until we face the same situation. We tell our friends how to deal with breakups, overcome ego and ignore jerks at work place. And we almost always forget all this gyan when we face life.

We think we are different then the world. But from hating cursive writing as a kid to loving the guy/girl who gives us the least attention in college; from dreading a bad relations to thinking ourselves as underpaid and overexploited at work. We are all same, as if god was too lazy to even make the second stencil.

We all know time changes. But only notice when good times are over.

We know ourselves the best, but we wait for people to say we are good. We work so they can call us good and we struggle to be accepted. Everyone in this world is important and worth listening to except ourselves, how smart is that.

Why should we listen to the world which will call us “self deprecating” or “over confident”, “awesome” or “jerk”, “genius” or “really dumb”, “friend” or “weirdo” ,”ice cool” or “cynical” and nothing in between?


+Allu said...

That was very thoughtful...

Anonymous said...

Good one...makes me think if I really gave more weightage to others' views than my own...and then I realize that I'm such an egoist :-)


Thermopylae said...

what more can i say !! extremely insightful.. ruffles those thoughts. very good one.