Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Australian open and life

When you focus on a problem too hard, they say you find solutions. I say you find parallels. Watched couple of tennis matches and they tell us all about life.

When you want to survive the tournament called life(there is nothing like winning in life and no grand slam title & prize money exist; the best you can do is not get ousted.)
There is only one way, hang in there…
hang in there when you fight the mightiest
hang in there even though you made mistakes earlier and caused this situation
hang in there even if there is no hope

don’t say I quit…

be it Peer-Serena match or Blake-Gonzalez match. You win, if you don’t think you are not as good as the guy in front of you and if you don’t quit.

Now how do you think you are as good as the guy in front of you, if there are statistics and people to prove otherwise? And how can you stay when the situation is unlivable?

I have no answers. I have never tried this. I am a quitter.

And if I was Peer, I would make my mind to loose to Serena, she has so much experience and its my first time in Quarter finals of a Grand Slam.
If I was Serena, I would make up my mind to loose to Peers, she is a 19-year old, who upset third seeded Russian in the previous set, remember Serena is now unseeded.
If I was Serena, I would not fight 4 set points to loose first set, as I already made mistake to come to the stage of 6-3.
If I was Serena I would not pick up my form in second set. Look Peer had to win only one set and Serena two.

I told you I am a quitter.

May be Peer thought, I can win one I can win again.
May be Serena thought, I have so much experience and so much success behind me. Let me get back.
May be Serena picked u form after thinking, I made some unforced errors, why not fix them in this match only…why wait for another

This is something you see a lot in movies and matches, underdog and unexpected winners…beautiful thought for some …and beautiful truth for others….

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Anonymous said...

Everybody has a forte. In that domain, (s)he is the absolute ruler. No one can surpass that person. Fortunately for some people, that forte happens to be exactly their career (example - Sachin Tendulkar). For the rest who choose career as a way to make living rather than because it is his/her forte, agony is unavoidable.

But then, it is not a mistake to choose something as career even when one knows that it is not one's forte...

To vent it all out, one has to identify one's forte and excel/work on it...whether that brings money or fame, it does not matter...that is the beauty of human mind...when it does what it likes, it does not care for extraneous recognitions...it is like being in love...as long as the two people involved know it, the other people and other things fade out of the scene...