Monday, June 11, 2007

Universal Studios, Mumbai

My friend recently visited Universal Studios, LA.

We started discussing what if they create a similar studio for Bollywood. When u enter the u will see life size statutes of Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai instead of the following

The tour to the studio will include a college building, with information about the age of the oldest hero who played the role of student there. There will be many trees, with trivia about who ran around then. The cars that hit hero’s mother and the “tattoo-walla” because of whom lost brothers met. And the fan, that hero’s father used to commit suicide, when the world was mean to him.

The shows will definitely include how group dances are choreographed, how heroines are made to look pretty and how the hero’s workout to get those muscles, after which they find it difficult to even wear shirts.

One of the rides will be “Mela”, a crowded area will one have to try to not loose brothers, friends and family members. Another can be “villain ki den” where you need to save your mother, sister and girlfriend.


Aishwarya said...

Some more suggestions for our Bollywood theme park :

There would b a "dharam paaji ki ride" ,in which pets r not allowed ....bcos he always say's "kuttey main tera khoon pii jaunga".
And the biggest attraction of the theme park would b...special effects of mithun da,In which he will to cut a bullet in 2 pieces wid d help of a knife.

The name of the restaurant inside d theme park would b "Maa ke haath ka khana",in which u would get 1/2 roti with achhar...and at the time of serving the waitress would say "tu kha beta...main to tere aane se pahele hi pet bhar kar kha chuki hu" and then all of the restaurant staff will cry(but only 1 tear from right eye) .
There would be a competition too..In which u have to change maximum no. of clothes,in a given bollywood song.
AND a "bollywood ki maa ka mandir" too.. where u can marry in 2 min( if u r parents r against u r marriage) and people can get some maa's special SHAKTI (to fight with there boss)
And d last ride of the park would b "bollywood ka police station"(you can't take this ride in between ,u can only take it in d end ...bcos bolly police comes in d end)

andy said...

Why dont u have spooky rides that that take you thru the white lensed Dian...n the sleeping beauty whom the flower wants 2 rape...
U can also have talking statues which will say all the filmi dialouges like -
Maa ka doodh piya hai...
aur mujhe bhagwan ke liye cho do...
U shud also have Women in suits and when they cross pran or ranjeet's stautes the dupatta automatically flies away...
that's a few will keep posting when i think of more