Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Justice … as we know it…

Terrorism was never so much in focus….never so much used, never so much talked about and never so much prosecuted. The Bombay blast case got the verdict after 14 years and only one of the 100 convicted was left loose.
I think this is commendable but little is talked about it, as more focus is on Sanjay Dutt gets a six-year imprisonment.

Somehow if look this verdict and try to bring parallel to Haneef’c case you notice
• Sanjay is a celebrity & Haneef a commoner.
• Sanjay convicted & sentenced in motherland & Haneef convicted in a foreign land. We have no idea if he will be prosecuted and if yes, then where.
• Both, if any how involved, were on the fringes of terrorism. One convicted of acquiring firearms while other is accused of having knowledge of a potentially deadly crime.
• Sanjay Dutt’s conviction is harsh on Bollywood with amount worth 50 crore resting on him while conviction of Haneef (who can still be convicted) will be embarrassing to a nation and challenge to the foreign relation officials.
• Media encashes on the pictures and statements of the near n dear ones of both.
• Majority of population of a nation infested with terrorism is sympathetic to both of them.

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