Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reusability of Business model?

As a child my dad explained me about construction work and workers.

He told me you can hire them in two ways. One is on contract bases, where you pay them x amount to a contractor. He will get x people to complete the work. but he also warned, that the contractor try to get less number of people finish work the work at the earliest, since the payment has already been decided so that he can move on to the next piece of work. Work may suffer he warned.

The second way was to hire x number of workers on a day to day payment basis. But he warned that the workers try to extend work as much as possible to ensure the employment. Budget may suffer he warned.

He also told once they enter your house to work on something, they look around to see more opportunities. Like if they came to build an extra room, they will suggest how the electric wires of the house should be re-laid, telling how they can sense a huge problem in near future.

Also the workers who do actual work get paid less as compared to the contractor/“thekedaar” whose responsibility is mainly to get the workers and manage them.

And in case, more then one of these group is hired for a construction work, say one doing the flooring, another electricity lines, another plumbing and so on; the workers will change focus from work to proving that the other group inefficient and taking over their piece of work.

Oh my god! Are Indian software service providers successful because to some age old wisdom? [:)]


Hozefa said...

I think your Dad forgot to tell you the thing that makes everything work or maybe he told ya but you weren't paying attention. :)
Lets take your example about construction work. Let's say you hire a contractor to work on something. The first thing to remember is to take quotes from more than one contractor and analysing them on basis of your budget and the quality of work you want to get done. You will have to play an important role in the construction, cannot just leave it to the contractor.
Now if you hire some workers, you will have to make sure that everything goes according to your plan (oh yeah, you should have a plan in place for the work to be done). Fire some if you think they are delaying work. If they suggest something that needs repairing, use your brain if you really need that.
In short, what I want to say is, there should always be someone taking responsibility/authority for the work that is being done.

Aishwarya said...

Well u r rite .....the model is just the same only difference is they construct houses and IT companies construct softwares .
A project manager is a 'Mistri' and associates are 'beldaar'

And they definately acts like a Thakedaar

deee said...

absolutely amazin ;)

Anonymous said...

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