Sunday, November 07, 2010

Problematic Problems

The problem with problems is that they continue for ever…

When we look back in our life, good times, bad times or just times, the only consistent piece, is problem. There is always one issue to crease, one gawking need to be fulfilled, one dilemma to resolve, one knot to untangle…

Problems are roadblock that stand in our way. They are the big tree in the backyard of our minds that cast a showdown on everything.

Funny thing is that a problem is a problem only till a bigger problem surfaces. A life-stopping, all absorbing problems simply cease to exist when a bigger problems looms large.

Also they vanish when we solve them. It’s technically correct, they should. But since most of us do not have the luxury to live our lives from an achievement to achievement but resolving a problem to next; they should be made the criteria of success and good life.

The science of problems is as convoluted as happiness. Happiness is the butterfly that we seek and problem is the monster we run from. The hues, size, impact, importance all are nothing but a reflection of us.

Rationalizing them make them smaller and insignificant, but only when they are not ours. :)


Sneha Madinur said...

the problems of others are in perspective, easier than ours, always ;) !! and hence rationalizing them when they are not ours is a lot easier.

A very nicely written piece.


sAndY said...

basically,wen u c a problem..

DONT panic cos u gotta solve it..

PANIC cos u gotta find a bigger problem to shadow the first... :D

last line said super well.. :)

rajujose said...

why anyone can not make other's problems as the solutions to their problems they are facing in their life!! after all, we are all so called "social" animals!!