Sunday, January 29, 2012

My name is Priti and I am an addict ...

I can’t even begin to count the demerits of watching television. I am not specifying “watching too much television” because I don’t know it any other way.

Unlike alcohol that ruins liver, cigarette smoking that takes toll on lungs and drugs make zombies; TV takes away the rarest of resource known to humans, time.

One Sunday afternoon, when I was school the wires at the electric pole short circuited and we lost electricity for the day. It was a great Sunday, it was a long Sunday, there was so much time. We talked, played, packed our bags in advance for next day. I pledged that I will give up TV forever, but I relapsed.

TV continued to stay the most effective waste of my time since then.

TV is glossy. TV is entertaining. But the addiction comes from the variety it offers. There is news, current affairs, sports, talk shows, music, movies, comedies, action, drama, thriller and most time is spend browsing through them to choose one. The selection of channels gives an illusion of control. Its best way to keep the troubled mind occupied from the mundane worries. Its prolonged escapism.

I wish I could fight this biggest vice, may be my excuse is that there are not enough Electricity outages in US.


Shantanu Sharma said...

Seriously...I think you should write more and more. from 50 in 2007 to 13 last have come the wrong way....

I also you can take some time out to see some of mine too.

~fannan said...