Saturday, September 08, 2012


We may hate the breaks on our favorite shows, but none of us really mind, the ads. They are smart; decorated with good looking faces, catchy jingles or catch phrases; very quick, enticing capture of imagination.

Cars, motorbikes, perfumes, soaps, shampoo, biscuit, snack, noodles, wall paint, suiting shirting, fairness cream, cooking oil, spices, butter, laptops, light bulb, diamonds...any ad made for any commodity can be effective and memorable.

The most difficult commodity to advertise is oneself. A profile for dating/matrimonial site, a job resume, an effort to earn a new friend like introduction at a happy hour… it’s all so tough. The blend of humility and showcasing, highlights and detailing, summary of skills, truth and references …  calls for nerve wrecking and mind bending precision. The fear of not a perfect marketing tool, having adverse effect on our life events like finding less than optimal partner, not being popular or landing with a misfit job is more than enormous.


Personalities, attitudes, experience, behavior, qualifications are seldom simple enough to be perfectly worded in a serious setting.

Why can’t we have a short, flashy, catchy and effective messages with mundane but important features?

For my personal ad I will like to hire Shahrukh khan to speak the following concise message with great conviction“The perfect mix of personality and wisdom, maturity and sense of humor; creator of good times and loyal to friends”

followed by the Jingle “she can paste a smile, she can wipe a tear; she is kind but honest bout the wardrobe disaster you wear” 

For my resume, because of the required seriousness and international twist will feature Bill Clinton

“To get the things moving, to get things done; hire her, she is the most perfect resource under the sun”. "We know, we need her. Let do the right thing. Time to type that offer letter"  

What say????


Sneha Madinur said...

I like you as it is.. but if you get Shahrukh to advert you...i will have to reconsider now :)

Sneha Madinur said...

I like you as it is.. but if you get Shahrukh to advert you...i will have to reconsider now :)

Priti said...

ha ha ha ha!! mam, product is good mam. Please stay loyal to it. We promise to fire the PR manager, Promise!!!