Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Smoke Signals!!

It was an interesting experience living without home internet for over a month. Actually, it was one month, four days, two hours and twenty one minutes. I don’t remember if I ever felt this deprived before. It was a gaping hole in my life. All my near and dear ones knew about my plight. I was two days short of stopping by the pan handlers at the traffic stops and telling them my “story”. By the way, I had internet at work and on my phone.

I found out many things about myself. First that I am my sister’s sister, I read, no I devoured fiction novels at her speed in order to combat the absolute lack of entertainment at home. By the way, fun fact: I use 3GB data every nine days without indulging into Netflix, YouTube, Pandora or Spotify on my phone.  

I also found that I can recognize voices of Cox customer care representative. ‘Debbie’, ‘Jason’, ‘Wudy’ were part of my life. Also, part of my life were the jibes from family, friends and colleagues. I am not sure of somebody informed the White House or not, but apparently this one episode establish the supremacy of Australia and India over America.

So entertainment was provided by library books, bills were paid and communication was done, online shopping halted, Cox bills stopped and phone bills went through the ceiling. Nothing was really missing, but something was.
Though I will still summarize the experience with the following words “Those were the stone ages and I survived by sending smoke signals.”  

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